About Us

MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL is an international association that specializes in the needs of medium-sized and familiy-run enterprises. We organize events on different scales for our members to support them mastering the challenges they face on a daily basis. We see ourselves as a platform for decision makers and entrepreneurs across different branches to learn from each other.


也就是说,MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL 的会员不仅可以受益于我们的专有知识,还可以借鉴其他会员的知识和经验。在MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL, 我们专注于对会员真正重要的话题,例如:人力资源,税务,管理和领导力,业务创新和趋势。



100% 独立

MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL is operated independently.


There is no involvement of politics or governments or government related institutions.


As a consequence, we are able to consult our members in the best way, taking their needs into account and finding the right answers to their questions.


Everything we do at MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL is based on partnership with outstanding performance.
Our organization stands for